About us

Fractal Workshop is a local grassroots art initiative. We would like to start conversations about contemporary art between artists and the public, give opportunities to emerging artists, find  and create new spaces where communities can form around contemporary visual art.


Fractal Workshop

Our projects so far

This year is the year of beginnings for us. We have started with a small contemporary art blog in Hungarian with the hopes of findig an interested and enthusiastic audience. While the blog is still in its infancy, we hope that it can be valuable source of information about local events and artists in the near future.

Our second big project is the DECENTRALIZE! exhibition series and residency program. Although it’s our first program of this kind, by partnering with D’Clinic Studios we will receive all the assistance and professional guidance to make this program successful. Creating opportunities for artists is one of our main goals, and we are eagerly waiting the artists who will take part in this journey with us.

Gábor Mészáros


I have created this project, because I beleive that contemporary art not only reflects on our culture, but it has an important role in defining it as well. I wanted to start the conversations between artists and art enthusiasts, and find more public spaces where these conversations can take place.