Where we are

Zalaegerszeg is situated near the Austrian and Slovenian border and being the county capital, it can offer the resources and inspirations needed to keep your creative juices flowing while being far enough from bigger cities to have a quiet atmosphere that allows you to work without distractions.

The town is also home to several museums, an Art School and a small but enthusiastic art loving community who have been working with our studio on several occasions.


Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

The town lies on the right bank of the Zala River. It was of medieval origin and was a frontier fort in Hungary’s wars with Turkey (16th–17th century). It was never occupied by the Turks. It was still a village when it was designated a county seat in 1730. It was given municipal rights in 1885.

The city’s notable buildings include the Göcsej Museum, with a rich historical and ethnographic collection; the twin-spired Baroque parish church (1750–60); and the County Council House Chapel (1761–77). The open-air Göcsej Village Museum is on the banks of the Zala River. (Göcsej is a nearby region noted for the peculiarities of its dialect and folklore.) The museum, a popular tourist attraction, displays more than 30 buildings, including timber houses, stables, and a water mill.