Program details

We would like to invite artists from all over the world to share their unique viewpoints, and add more diverse voices to the local art scenes of smaller towns in Hungary.

The program starts with a series of residencies and exhibitions in Zalaegerszeg, and continues next year when a selection of artworks from this period will be included in a print publication and a travelling exhibition at independent smaller galleries in a number of Hungarian cities. A closing exhibition is planned to take place in Budapest.

Application deadline: 12th May 2019

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
All disciplines are welcome, however the end result of your project should be something that can be presented at an exhibition event. During the residency we will help you gathering materials, setting up the installation and organizing the public events. (open studio, meet the artists and of course an exhibition opening). We will also provide opportunities to meet other resident and local artists during your stay.

Expectations towards the artist
Participating artists are expected to create an installation/exhibition in the provided exhibition space until the last weekend of the residency period using locally available materials.


Participating artists will retain all ownership and copyright, and they will be able to decide what happens with them after the end of the residency. We only ask for the rights to use photos and videos of the artworks in our social media, print publications and exhibitions in the future as a minimum requirement.

How to apply?

Application deadline is 12th May 2019. Please fill in our form and upload your CV on our application form –> here

Duration of residency
The standard residency period is two weeks, but longer periods can be negotiated.

In a two bedroom flat near the city centre and the studio.

Studio/ workspace
A shared studio/exhibition space for two artists per residency period.

Residency fee
The residency fee is 320 Euros per person for the residency period of two weeks. This includes the studio and the accommodation.

Cost of living
Some examples of average prices you may encounter:

A meal in a restaurant: 6 – 9 Euros
A glass of beer: 1.3 – 2 Euros
Bus ticket: 1.08 Euro
A cup of espresso: 1.2 Euro